*Ministerial Responsibilities/Duties/roles

i. Publicity and Mass Media

ii. Public Relations of Government

iii. Registration of Newspapers and Magazines

iv. Supervision of Lagos Television

v. Supervision of Radio Lagos/EKO FM

vi. Supervision of Lagos State Printing Corporation

vii. Supervision of LASRAB

viii. Mobilization of the Populace


*Agencies in the MDA

i. Lagos Television Station Agidingbi

ii. Radio Lagos/EKO FM Station

iii. Lagos State Printing Corporation

iv. Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau


The Department consists of three major units, namely:


The Unit is responsible for the pictorial coverage of all State activities. It organises photo exhibitions as occasion demands. Pictures on the daily activities of Government functionaries and events are produced by the unit for use in the media while albums of events are kept. The Unit also maintains a photo library and an archive of various official photographs.


This unit designs posters and cover designs for the State publications. It also produces cover designs for the State Calendars, dairies and greeting cards for all festivals etc. Art exhibitions are also organised along with screen printing on textile and other materials. It equally produces banners of all sizes for various State Government functions as well as commercial purposes.


The unit has 3 sections namely, Camera, Editing and Scripts

The unit is responsible for the production of documentaries for television broadcasting

– Video coverage of events for news and other uses such as archives and researches.

– Recording audio for news and other uses.

– Produces jingles, visuals for announcements


The Directorate of Public Enlightenment & COMMUNITY RELATIONS has three units viz, Publications, Public Education/Enlightenment Unit & Community Relations


This unit conducts research for publishing various publications on government programmes, projects and policies. The thrust of the publications is public enlightenment. Publications published are under such titles as Alausa Alert “Focus”, “Our Town Series”, Our Culture Series” and Facts and Figures”. In addition, the Unit handles the distribution of publications, as well as the production of the State Government’s annual calendar, diaries and address book.

The Unit also has the mandate for the documentation of printed publications of the State Government through its archives section. It equally maintains the Ministry’s library while newspapers and magazines are produced in bound form for easy reference. The Unit, in addition to the above responsibilities produces charts, posters and flyers.


The Unit documents in permanent form, for posterity, the activities of government at all levels.

  • Complements other media of government (Radio and Television).
  • Effectively using the human and material resources of the ministry to project the image of government.
  • Sourcing and publishing special features on governmental activities.
  • Sourcing supplements and special publications on special occasions of government.
  • Sourcing and usage of photographs.
  • Sourcing of graphic materials, i.e cartoons
  • Sourcing of advertisements within and outside the public service.
  • Distribution of 10,000 copies throughout the state, monthly
  • Technical production
  • Sourcing news stories.


This Unit coordinates the activities of Divisional Information
Offices established in the five divisions of the State, namely, Ikorodu Badagry, Ikeja, LagosIslandand Epe to disseminate information about the State government’s plans, programmes and policies. Information officers from the Ministry man these
Divisional offices.


PUBLIC AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT : This Department has 3 Units.


This Unit handles the daily issuance of press releases containing various activities of the Lagos State Ministries, Extra Ministerial Departments, and Parastatals etc. It also coordinates the activities of Information Officers who are tagged Resident Information Officers (RIO) or Public Relations Officers (PRO). The Unit also handles liaison with both public and private media, the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Media Council, Press Council, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), and Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) etc. It also has a press room which monitors various publications circulated or printed in the State, as well as other national, local or international media.


This Unit handles the registration of various publications published or circulated in the State, with the view of monitoring their operations. These include newspapers, magazines and journals etc. The Unit also ensures that it keeps a register of the locations and key personnel of these media.


The Features Unit is responsible for writing feature articles on all aspects of Government activities and getting such articles published in local, national and the international media. It produces draft speeches for the Ministry’s functionaries and the State Governor. Besides it keeps a data bank of all events and happenings in all arms of the State Government through monthly reports. The Unit also represents the Ministry in the implementation of UNICEF Projects in the State as it relates to Mass Communications and the media. It also maintains rural based television viewing.



The Department is majorly responsible for managing information on the State Official website and other social media accounts.

The Department has 3 units:


  • Daily online monitoring and reporting of print media
  • Gathering/Managing information from MDAs
  • Design Content for each Social Media accounts
  • Storing/Archiving of information
  • Provide the graphic/info graphics needs of the Department
  • Create miniature for use on the social media accounts
  • Design template for online survey
  • Proof reading of information
  • Liaising with Heads of Public Affairs Units in MDAs



  • Track, encourage and appreciate positive feed-backs
  • Regular/timely update of all LASG social media accounts with accurate and relevant information.
  • Search for news/posts of interest to government and post same
  • Conduct online survey
  • Identify threats, opportunities and new trend in social media
  • Tracking feed-backs and interface with online audience
  • Analyse and report traffic on LASG social media accounts


  • Provide Technical assistance for the Department
  • Liaising and interfacing with Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
  • Ensure smooth running of LASG Website
  • Handling Live Streaming of Government events
  • Timely and regular updating of LASG website
  • Creation of necessary Links and Blogs
  • Review and Analyse State owned websites
  • Managing enquiries on the State website



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